Tips And Tricks For Growing A Successful Garden

Hey everyone! Happy Memorial Day! Do you have any plans? Usually for Memorial Day we take the day to relax and prepare for summer! I can’t believe that Summer is almost here! And than after summer is my favorite season FALL! If you do not know how much I love fall you can read my About Me Page! Anyway Onto Todays Post…


So For todays post I will be listing some tips to grow a successful vegetable garden!
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                                1- The Right Location

For most vegetable plants sunlight is important! Pick a spot where there is a decent about of sunlight! You also have to make sure that the location you picked does get a little   shade! Shade is important as well!


                                       2- Good Soil

Does the location you picked have nice soil? For vegetables compost is a great soil! Organic material also works great too! For example, You can use grass threading from your recent lawn mow! You can also use leaves from last fall! You want the soil to be a bit sandy texture and a compacted texture!

                       3- Organize Before Planting

It is really import that you plant your vegetables not to close to each other! For Example -You want to plant all of the different tomato plants near each other and all of the pepper plant near each other so

                                      4- Water Right

Of course, watering you’r plant s important! The best way to water most plants is to use a drip method! Use a garden house and let it drip on the plant for a while!

                               5- Not To Much Fertilizer

Do not use too much fertilizer!!! If you use too much it will not give you a large harvest! Only put a bit of fertilizer around you’r plants!

                                         6- Have Fun!

Growing a garden is fun! Enjoy it! Pick the veggies you want to grow! Its about the experience too!


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